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The Door and Gate Automation Industry has experienced a remarkable evolution in recent years.
To meet the ever-increasing demands of a discerning market while addressing commercial viability, ease of installation and servicing has presented the industry with challenges previously too great to conquer. We at AAVAQ are dedicated to Door and Gate Automation. After all, that's all we do!

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Garage Door Opener Manufacturer
Garage Door Opener
Sliding Gate Opener
Swing Gate Opener
Tubular Motor
Industrial Door Opener
Garage Door Opener Manufacturer

About Us

AAVAQ develops and produces Industrial Door Openers, Garage Door Openers, as well as Sliding and Swing
Gate Openers. Innovators of unique patented door automation technologies, combined with over 30 years of industry experience, AAVAQ represents the future of the Door and Gate Automation.
From the controlled manufacturing process, through our streamlined distribution networks, installer-friendly and a host of advantages for the end user, AAVAQ really closes the door on the opposition.

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